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One Life Cycle Racing Team Wearwell Fixed Gear AnnouncementThe Wearwell Cycle Company are delighted to announce a partnership with London-based fixed gear racing team One Life Cycle. Wearwell will act as the official clothing and accessories provider for the 2018 season, which includes competing in the high octane Red Hook Crit series. In addition Wearwell will help support One Life’s broader aims within the cycling community, specifically the work to engage with children in London’s tougher, inner-city areas and highlight how cycling can make a difference in their lives.

The three strong team consists of One Life founder co-founder Mat Watson and young up-and-coming British riders James Ambrose Parish and Georg Mew Jenson. The team will take part in races across the globe as well as in the UK, including Red Hook Crit races in New York, London, Milan and Barcelona as well as the Thunder Crit, Minet Crit and The London Nocturne.

 One Life Wearwell Cycle Company Fixed Gear Racing Team Georg Mew Jensen Mat Watson James Ambrose Parish

Speaking of the partnership, Watson said “We’re really excited to be involved with Wearwell. We’re already big fans of the product and we’re both singing from the same hymn sheet with regards to trying to give back a little and build a stronger community around cycling, like the work you’re doing with Cyclist’s Fighting Cancer with your Sock it to Cancer campaign.”

“We want to be able to work closely and collaborate on things, whether that’s group rides or going to events together.”

Wearwell co-founder Alex Joynson added, “The One Life philosophy was one that really resonated with us. Whilst there’s a clear competitive focus for the team, it goes beyond just that and the work that Mat and his co-founder Germain are doing to make a difference to the lives of children is incredibly important. We want to help them on and off the bike.”

One Life’s community work remains at the heart of everything the team are trying to achieve in the 2018 season. “I think it’s important that people remember why they ride bikes, and that’s to have fun. We live in a very judgemental world, where people judge each other on what clothes they wear or what bike they ride. At the end of the day, as long as people are riding, and they’re getting the benefits of cycling, that’s really what’s important and that’s why promoting its benefits is so key”

One Life Cycle Wearwell Fixed Gear Racing Team

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