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Wearwell Cycle Company | Bicycle Badge

The Wearwell logo - which can be seen across several pieces within the Revival Collection - pays homage to the original company badge that adorned every bike that left the company’s factory for well over 50 years. The earliest records of the crest date back to the 1920s when the winged wheel and crown were etched into a brass plate with the words “Wearwell” and “Wolverhampton” - the English town from which the business originated - depicted within ornate scrolls above and below the logo.

Over the years, the badge evolved from a flat, etched plate appearance, to a more lavish and intricate crest version. The triumvirate of wheel, wing and crown illustrated the company vision and values: the crown represented quality, whilst the wings depicted the thrill and freedom that cycling afforded its rider. The bike wheel needs little explanation.


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